Quarterly news

In two months of work, our team has released 8 decentralized applications. Do your own research before using them. We are not responsible for our customers, our task is to develop the application that we have been ordered.

Starting today, we are looking for an interesting NFT project that failed in terms of marketing. We want to buy such a project entirely for its development. If you have something to offer us, write to us.

Today prices for our services have changed. Many items have become more expensive. We get a decent amount of applications. We process all incoming requests, but not all of your orders are accepted for work. In any case, you will receive a response from us about the possibility of joining the queue for execution. The final price for the work will be formed after a detailed study of your task. We accept cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, AED and RUR as payment. In some cases, it is possible to make a partial settlement with us using the collected funds from the smart contract.

Leave a request and we will contact you.