RomyRom is a team of entrepreneurs made up of real professionals. We will develop smart contracts and ERC20, ERC721 (NFT), ERC1155 (NFT) tokens. We will create a project from idea to market launch. We will provide advice and technical support.
About company
Development and deployment of smart contracts
Development and deployment of smart contracts
We work with several well-known blockchains - Ethereum, BNB, Polygon. In some cases, we are ready to make a project in other networks. The number of tokens, the ability to include white lists, the price of the token, functions that allow you to pause the minting of tokens or price change functions, the profit distribution condition and other parameters are programmed in the smart contract. The details of how your smart contract will be arranged are determined by the terms of reference, which is formed by the customer. We will be ready to assist in the preparation of tasks that will be programmed in the smart contract.Additional services - contract deployment and verification. Deploy is the process of uploading a smart contract to the blockchain network. Verification is the verification of a smart contract and uploading the code to the browser with the possibility of interaction between the smart contract and the interface.
  • Smart contract ERC20 (utility tokens) from 800$
  • Smart contract ERC721 (NFT collection) from 1200$
  • Smart Contract ERC1155 (NFT Collections) from 1200$
  • Smart contracts with individual features on request
  • Options (provenance, whitelisting, distribution, etc.) from 200$
  • Staking tokens from 4000$
  • Contract deployment 200$
  • Contract verification 200$
  • Updating Information in the Blockchain Network Browser from 100$
Interaction of smart contracts with interfaces
If you have a website and want to order the interaction of your smart contract with the interface, we are ready to offer you integration for connecting and configuring the necessary libraries (Ether.js). Sometimes you need to read data from a smart contract without connecting wallets. In this case, we connect Alchemy or Infura.
  • Alchemy connection + integration from 500$
  • Connecting Ether.js + integration from 700$
  • Creating an interface for contract administration from 300$
Creation of elements of graphic images for NFT
Images of the NFT token will be generated from the graphic elements. When creating elements for NFT, an artist, or a design studio, works. You can choose the contractor yourself, or entrust this work to our team.
  • Character Creation from 200$
  • Creation of graphic elements (layers) for NFT from 1000$
Generation of unique images for NFT
The process of generating unique images from elements occurs algorithmically using scripts. When using image elements provided by the Customer before algorithmic generation, the layers are audited (checking the accuracy of gluing the elements together). The cost of generation depends on the number of layers, elements, rarity parameters, order.
  • Layers Audit from 200$
  • Generation of finished images from 400$
  • Generation of finished images (50 elements, 6 layers, 10000 pieces) 600$
Working with NFT metadata
At the time of image generation, basic metadata is created. Additional options when setting up metadata - specifying links to each image as an IPFS HASH, setting a name, inserting additional attributes.
  • Automatic change of NFT names with indication of their serial number from 200$
  • Manual editing 1pc. from 5$
  • Inserting individual IPFS hashes on content (images) from 400$
  • Creating a table of HASH256 files for Provenance from 400$
Loading and storing NFT files
You can store images of your NFTs locally or on a server, but there is a risk of losing access to them. To keep your files safe, we recommend uploading them to IPFS or Arweave.
  • Uploading IPFS Files from 100$
  • Upload files to Arweave on request
Registration of an NFT project in catalogs and aggregators
We have selected over 20 directories and aggregators where you can listing your project. Including,,, etc. Additionally, you can apply for listing the project in ratings and determining the rarity of items in the collection.
  • Pack of 10 catalogs from 500$
  • Pack of 20 catalogs from 850$
  • Adding a project to the rating on request
Making an NFT collection on marketplaces
Set up a profile, add information about resources, install a logo and banners. The most popular platforms are,,, We will design the cover (appearance) and set up a profile for the collection on the marketplace in which you are interested.
  • Creation of graphic elements (banners, icons, logos) from 500$
  • Adding a description and other textual information from 50$
Site creation
Based on the terms of reference, we will make a website for your project.
  • Website prototype from 200$
  • Landing on WordPress from 600$
  • Content preparation on request
Creating social media accounts
You need to announce your project on social networks and instant messengers. We register and arrange Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Medium. If the need arises, we are ready to register and execute the project in other social networks, depending on your needs.
  • Creating and designing Discord from 700$
  • Creation and design of Twitter from 100$
  • Creation and design of instagram from 100$
Administration and moderation of social media
To work with your community, you need to publish announcements and information about the work of the project team in a timely manner. Social media administration and moderation is required to prevent spam and FUD. You may need community support to communicate and answer questions.
  • Discord administration and moderation from $500/month
  • Twitter + instagram + telegram from $500/month
Initial Marketing
Placing information about the project with influencers, creating targeted advertising, preparing content for publications in social media, mailing lists, contests.
  • Individual marketing plan on request
Creating Instructions
For the convenience of users, we create manuals on how to interact with the project and analyze frequently asked questions. We use GitBook or PDF files for this.
  • For developers (PDF) from 300$
  • For users on Gitbook from 600$
Consulting and support
Before starting to create a project, we recommend starting with a consultation. If you need tehnical support for your project, we are ready to help. The consultation format is online (Telegram, ZOOM, Viber, BOTIM, E-mail).
  • Consulting from 0$
  • Technical support on request
Creation the whole NFT project
All the way from consultation to project release with subsequent initial marketing and support. The most attractive way to interact. If you are a show business star, media and famous person, then this will be the best choice for you when creating an NFT collection.
  • Project from idea to market launch on a competition basis

The cost of services is determined based on your task. The prices indicated on the website are indicative. A variety of payment options and cooperation with us are available to you. Joint participation in projects is possible.

Submit your request and we will provide a quote for your assignment.


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