News collection

Hello dear readers!

We work hard and the days pass quickly… Our team decided to make a small news collection. To save time, we will sometimes combine our news or announcements into one post.

One of the main news this fall is related to the postponement of the Blockchain Life Dubai forum. Due to some difficulties in organizing the event and geopolitical problems, the forum will not be held in November, as planned. On February 27 and 28, the forum will be held in Dubai, Atlantis The Palm. Be sure to visit Blockchain Life. The organizers of the forum promise a big exhibition and presentations by top speakers from the crypto industry. Learn more on the official website, where you can buy tickets. We will definitely visit the forum, so we suggest that you make an appointment in advance for acquaintance and business negotiations with us.

A few months ago, we started providing a smart contract audit report service. Any project developing a dApp must provide security for its users. An excellent solution would be, for the team, to conduct an audit before launch. Initially, we did a full audit, but for many projects it was costly. Now we have a new service – the primary audit of the “light” smart contract. A simplified audit includes checking libraries, the presence of an owner and modifiers for administration, ABI uniqueness, checking functions for errors and risks for users, and a final conclusion. Take care of your security and order an audit from us. Soon we will make a special form for checking the audit report at the address of the smart contract on our website.

Over the past couple of weeks, potential customers have contacted us and asked to see a portfolio. So. We work confidentially and do not post portfolios. Consider this fact. We can disclose only those projects in which we ourselves are part of the team. For example, now we are actively participating in the development of a cool Ermine virtual mining project. We will talk about this project in a separate announcement, but believe me, this is a very interesting product for passive and active earnings.

There is a slight revival in the crypto market now, but you should not count on a large price increase in cryptocurrencies now. Most likely, we will soon see an update of the lows, the so-called “bottom”. Now is not the time to take long-term positions. You may be able to buy assets at more attractive prices.

Check out our price lists. We have affordable prices for services (average in the market). Write, call, contact us for cooperation. We are available and ready to provide advice.