Listing Ermine MEME ($EMEM)


Time goes by at a crazy pace. For several months we have visited thematic events in different countries of the world. We managed to meet interesting people and expand our circle of friends.

Now we are not only accepting your applications for the development of smart contracts, but also working on our projects.

Most recently, we decided to be in the trend, and for this we took part in the release of $EMEM tokens.

$EMEM is issued on the Ethereum network for fun and does not carry any value. However, we are considering offering discounts on our services to $EMEM holders. We also have a few ideas on how $EMEM can be used in the future, but we will tell you about this next time.

The listing of $EMEM will take place on May 16, 2023 from 20-30 to 21-00 UTC on Uniswap.

Find out more and join $EMEM on the official website of the Ermine MEME project

At the time of $EMEM listing, liquidity will be low and you will be able to buy tokens at the most affordable price.