Let’s talk about our opinions and news

Hello dear followers!

A lot has happened in this quarter. We, as always, tried to attend many events related to Web3 and blockchain in the world.

We have done over 30 smart contract audits and participated in over 10 cool projects.

We are currently not accepting new orders for application development. We only accept applications for smart contract audits and CEX listings.

You can see for yourself what is happening in the cryptocurrency market. Our forecast is also not encouraging. The general guideline for you guys for the summer is …

The best thing is that Bitcoin will drop to $17,900. The worst thing that can happen is a drop to $13,000 for one Bitcoin. Be prepared for this.

Well, if you need an audit of smart contracts or a listing on the stock exchange, then contact us.

Best wishes.

See you at one of the events of our crypto-world!