Let’s reach a new level!

This is a very important announcement.

Dear members of the RomyRom community, greetings to all!
Sometimes each of us realizes that some events do not unfold as planned.
Over the past year, we have completed over a hundred development orders, but none of the projects we assisted achieved high success due to an improper marketing plan.
It’s difficult for us to admit this. We do our work excellently, amazingly, expensively.
We are tired of witnessing the failure of our clients, and we announce important information to everyone.
We are no longer accepting development orders.
Now we will focus only on our projects, which will be successful.
We are ready to conduct audits of EVM-compatible blockchain smart contracts for you. We are also considering launching NFT certificates for smart contract verification. So, we will keep this service in our list. The audit of one smart contract will cost starting from $5,000.
We have prepared and submitted an application to obtain a trademark for RomyRom.
Now our trademark will be protected.
We will provide you with a unique opportunity to invest in our projects with a single token.
We will release a token that will tokenize our entire activity. If you used to invest in each project separately, now with one token, you will invest in all our crypto projects that we release to the market.
Soon we will launch the token, update the website, and present to you the projects we are diligently working on. This way, you will reduce investment risks. Each of our projects will have its pool, and in the future, you will be able to exchange RomyRom tokens for tokens of different projects we are working on.
You will be able to purchase RomyRom tokens at a price of 1 token = 1 US dollar. After the launch of our projects, you can claim tokens from the launched project by exchanging previously purchased RomyRom tokens for tokens of the launched project.
We plan that the RomyRom token will gain a value of 1:3 or more concerning the launched project.
We have changed our development strategy.
Now we no longer take new orders for web3 development.
Now only OUR projects!
Follow the strongest developers right now!

We will release OUR projects. Only OUR projects that are essential for the market.