Be careful right now!

The trend of modern life leads many people to a dead end, and they lose their money.
So what can be done to avoid this?
Oh guys… You need to get smarter and keep abreast of the latest news and all the innovations. Alas, the realities of life are such that I can take everything from you very quickly … And you will find yourself overboard in a beautiful life.
Suppose you choose a crypto project to invest in. Sort all projects according to your criteria. And… Choose what to invest in.

How did you evaluate the project before investing? According to a survey by RomyRom, almost 95% of people watch and believe.
What is it? so. They look at all sorts of not very important attributes of the project. For example, network activity. Before, yes… but now, no. It doesn’t work anymore! Fraudsters have actively joined the activity schemes. You are blown shit and you believe it. Normal crypto projects, and projects in general, are not very active. They don’t have many announcements. What are you waiting for? So that the uncle comes and pulls out the last money from you?

Be careful! Many times, BE CAREFUL! There are no miracles in this world. Let’s talk about crypto projects. Here are our recommendations for when to consider investing:

  1. The project team is public and can be checked
  2. There is an audit of smart contracts
  3. Logical roadmap
  4. This is a specialized project, not an all-inclusive
  5. It can be seen that the development trend is that the team has been working for some time, and has not appeared right now and is ready to conquer the world
  6. Sometimes a couple of hundred followers on Twitter is more expensive than 20k followers. All these moments can be “wind up” in an instant
  7. And, if you are promised a yield of over 30% per year, then think about it. Looks like you’re being fooled right now!

Check everything you can. Don’t lose your money!